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15 Minute Flight

Departs From NJ

All Week

Max seats per helicopter: 5

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Ready to soar over one of the greatest cities in the world?

Step into the terminal. Catch a glimpse of the helicopter. You’ve waited your whole life to do this. It’s finally about to happen!

You’re escorted to the pre-flight area. See amazing display of images taken by flyers before you.

Meet your Flight-mates. Discuss the pictures you want to take. Plan a Flight Path. Everything is set, and… your adrenaline starts to rush.

You take a ride to the launchpad. Your harness is secured. The helicopter starts. And off you go!

Within 2 short minutes. You’re looking down at the city that never sleeps. Lights. Buildings. Cars. People. And all the noise… silent.

You can’t help but smile. Eyes wide open. Trying to take it all in. Dangling your feet for a #shoeselfie. And laughing at how unbelievable it all feels. It’s just you and the city.

And trust us. The feeling never goes away.

You’ll be riding an Airbus AS350B3 Helicopter known as the A-Star:

  • Cruise Speed 60 knots (while in doors off operation);
  • TurboMeca Engines (the most reliable in the industry);
  • State-of-the-Art tiered drop airframe design

Your Safety is Important to Us

Safety has always been our top priority and we are honored to be recognized by the Eastern Region Helicopter Council (ERHC) for our unwavering commitment to Ground and Flight Safety. Using our proprietary 8 Point Safety Harness System (SHS), we go beyond industry safety standards for each person on each and every flight. Our customer experience professionals outfit passengers with safety equipment according to our SHS guidelines. The Pilot in Command then performs a final review before takeoff. The prestigious 2017 Safety Award is a testament to our dedication and commitment and means our passengers can rest assured that they will enjoy the best and safest experience possible.

Company Commitment

Here at FlyNYON, the #1 doors off custom photo experience company, we know what it’s like to soar above New York City. We want to share it with you. Our company focuses on you having the best and safest experience possible. Just like as if the doors were on.

Book your 15 minute harbor based flight today and we’ll take care of the rest.

From scheduling your Uber to making sure we hit all of your favorite downtown locations including

  • Statue of Liberty
  • Governor’s Island
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Battery Park
  • World Trade Center and
  • NYC’s Financial District

Believe us our customer experience team has you covered.

Have Questions? Don’t be shy! Contact us at the chatbox to the right and/or at to speak with one of our flight specialists and see what custom or private doors off photo experience would be best for you!

What customers are saying about FlyNYON:

Shawn Yee

Shawn Yee

These guys offer flights in many of the major cities - I did mine in Vegas. As many others before me have mentioned, this is definitely a once in a lifetime experience and offers a unique perspective of the city that no other method provides. The FlyNYON team in Las Vegas were fantastic - super friendly, provided all the details of what we'd be experiencing before hand and (for an amateur photographer like myself) provided some great insight into lens selection and settings to get the best photos. The safety portion (harnessing, etc) was straightforward and quick and we were able to get on our way fairly quickly. They had 2-3 people working with 5 of us so it wasn't rushed and you could certainly tell that safety was their #1 concern. Time flies when you're having fun, and before I knew it, our flight was over, but I'm itching to go on another in the near future. I'd definitely fly with FlyNYON again if I have the opportunity. Great job guys - keep it up!

Caleb Wilson

Caleb Wilson

Absolutely the best experience. FlyNYON is a lifetime experience well worth it. First, staff were very chill and friendly. This place is legit. Safety is a priority and you'll notice how the staff care about your safety. I'm definitely recommending it if you want a different look at NYC.

Janki Patel

Janki Patel

This was one of the coolest things I have ever done aside from sky diving. It was an amazing birthday gift, I enjoyed every second. The 15 minutes were over within a blink of an eye -- so I recommend the 30 minute session. My pilot, Scott, was amazing! He was so fun and made the flight that much more enjoyable. Will be doing it again!

Talha Siddiqui

Talha Siddiqui

Unbelievable experience. From the booking process till walking out of their amazing facility the whole experience was easy, fun, and enjoyable. The staff was extremely attentive and easy to talk to from our host to our pilot. I would definitely recommend these guys and I don't think it's possible to have a better experience elsewhere. Worth every penny.

Ann Sutton

Ann Sutton

This is one of the most incredible things we’ve ever been lucky enough to do! Booking was so easy and as soon as we arrived we were treated like the FlyNYON team knew us! We were asked what sights we wanted to see and we saw them all. Everyone was super friendly and approachable. The views we saw were second to none and it truly is on a different level. Would definitely recommend FlyNYON and we will definitely fly with them in another city!