NYC Classic

30 Minute Flight

Departs From NJ

Availability: Mon,Wed,Fri,Sat,Sun

Max seats per helicopter: 5

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Classic (adj) – judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.What a great way to describe our all encompassing city of New York.

Picture this. Walk into the hangar to be greeted by our customer experience team. Don’t worry. We won’t judge if you can’t help but stare in awe at our amazing fleet of helicopters.

You’re then taken to the pre-flight area to meet your pilot and fellow flyers. Here you’ll make a flight plan to make sure we hit all those bucket list #goals, creating a truly unique experience every single time.

Personalize your flight with either: uptown, midtown, downtown and/or everything in between. The sky’s the limit!

After suiting up, our team will take you out to the helipad…and the real fun begins.

Because our heliport is just 2 minutes from the city, you’ll get amazing Manhattan skyline views seconds after takeoff. And it’s just up from there.

The Classic is our Crown Jewel. And like any proud parent, we love showing it off. Let us know if you want to make a second pass and prepare for multiple angles, increased precision, and unique shots!

You’ll be riding an Airbus AS350B3 Helicopter known as the A-Star:

  • Cruise Speed 60 knots (while in doors off operation);
  • TurboMeca Engines (the most reliable in the industry);
  • State-of-the-Art tiered drop airframe design

Your Safety is Important to Us!

Using our proprietary 8 Point Safety Harness System (SHS), we go beyond industry safety standards for each person on each flight. Our customer experience professionals, outfit you with safety equipment according to our SHS guidelines. A final review is then performed by the Pilot in Command, assuring your personal safety and the safety of your equipment.

One Step Further

We take your experience further than anyone else in the industry. Which means taking your safety to a whole new level as well. That’s why we’ve established Over The City Procedures (OTCP) to ensure the safety of both passengers onboard our flights and individuals below.

FlyNYON Company Commitment

Here at FlyNYON, the #1 doors off custom photo experience company, we know what it’s like to soar above New York City. We want to share it with you. Our company focuses on you having the best and safest experience possible. Just like as if the doors were on.

So book our 30 minute Crown Jewel flight today! We’ll take care of the rest. Remember that with this flight, you can customize your flight path even over the city to hit all your favorite spots, so make your list today! You name it, we’ll get you there.

From scheduling your Uber to making sure you’re #shoeselfie ready over Central Park, believe us our customer experience team has you in mind.

Have Questions? Don’t be shy! Contact us at the chatbox to the right and/or at to speak with one of our flight specialists and see what custom or private doors off photo experience would be best for you!

What are you waiting for?

What customers are saying about FlyNYON:

Terri Carnes

Terri Carnes

Upon arrival I noticed the staff was helpful and professional. The training session was conducted with patience and all questions were answered in detail. Each step in the process of getting suited up and boarded was reviewed in detail. I have been on a number of helicopters but this flight was the winner in so many way. The excitement of hanging outside was a real thrill. Our pilot, Dave, was very professional and you could tell our safety was of utmost importance. I highly recommend a flight with FlyNYON.

Grace Campano

Grace Campano

Excellent experience! The pilot and crew made it really easy for me to get comfortable quickly even though it was my first time on a helicopter. I was honestly a little intimidated by the thought of flying in one prior to the flight but having gone and done it, I know for certain that I'll be back! Thank you Justin, Erica and everyone else who contributed to the awesome experience. You guys rock!

Suwandi Chandra

Suwandi Chandra

Professional team. If you are photographer, don't worry about it, they have all the supporting stuff and make sure you are ready to fly safely with all your gear. Make sure to take their sunset flight. You will be blown by the great sunset and city lights. Special thanks to the pilot Christi. Very2 stable and comfortable flight!

Thom de Groot

Thom de Groot

It was awesome! The best experience in my life! The staff was super friendly and really nice! The flight was amazing, the pilot took the time so we could make awesome pictures. Especially the fact that you could hang out with your feet was really cool! I am coming back for sure!

Jacqui Hodson

Jacqui Hodson

Breathtaking! This sky adventure took "touring" to a whole new level. Soaring over NYC adds to the grandeur of the city! The open door ride coupled with the spectacular views of the city is a bucket list item for sure! I went late in the day- next time will try the evening ride to see the lights of the city that never sleeps! Staff was professional and I felt very secure with all aspects of this adventure! Thank you FlyNYON!