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As one of the top destinations for dreams and leisure, Los Angeles is a dynamic city where glittering skylines and Hollywood dreams intersect. The “Entertainment Capital of the World” lays in a unique geographical position where hilly coastal plains and the Pacific Ocean front make it as diverse as any photo enthusiasts could hope.

The opportunity to ride a helicopter over Los Angeles is an ideal experience for those looking to add aerial photography to their portfolio. From the the Los Angeles skyline to the Santa Monica Pier, our doors-off helicopter experience will allow for unobstructed views for you to capture aerial images.

But at FlyNYON, we understand each trip must be customized for the occasion, and if you’re looking for something more traditional without the chessiness of tour companies, we can also provide with doors-on helicopter rides while still retaining the value of customizable routes to capture what you’d like to see the most. With the most personable and safest helicopter experience possible, and no hidden fees, from the moment you walk into our terminal to your time in the air, we seek to provide an impeccable and welcoming experience for memories to last a lifetime.

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