Can I schedule a private photo flight experience?
What is the cancellation policy?
May I use cash to pay for FlyNYON products?
What if my flight does not meet its minimum required to fly?
Are there any weight restrictions?
How do I redeem my seat credits?
How does weather insurance work?
Is FlyNYON safe?
What do you do if there is bad weather?
Is there any age restriction?
Does my flight time start right away?
What should I wear?
What should I bring?
Do you fly in the winter?
What is FlyNYON?
When is the best time to fly?

New York

When should I arrive?
How does seating work?
Can I bring my gimbal?
Do you do collaborations?
Do you rent cameras?
Will there be others on my flight?
Want to host a special event with FlyNYON?
Are you a professional photographer?
Will my flight time change?
What if I wear contacts or glasses?
What if the time I need to fly is sold out?
What if I’m only in town for a short period of time?
Will I sit next to my partner?
What route do these flights take?
How do I get to Kearny?
How many people fly on each flight?